10 Best Survival Seed Banks

10 Best Survival Seed Banks

10 Best Survival Seed BanksWe all know that water, food and shelter are top priorities when it comes to surviving a tough situation. There are, of course, limits to just how much one can store of essential items. So how can we keep our survival plan sustainable? A well stocked seed bank is one essential item that is the key to starting a garden that will provide an endless supply of fresh and easy-to-can food items for your family in a survival situation.

If you don’t have room for a large garden you might consider vertical gardening or square foot gardening to make the most of small spaces.

Another reason to store seeds is that they are one of the best items for bartering. If there is ever a situation where there is no food in the stores, a lot of people are going to want seeds to grow their own produce.

Here are our picks for the 10 best survival seed banks that will provide you with a good variety of seeds in packages that will work for longterm storage.

1. My Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault

The My Patriot Supply Survival Seed VaultMy Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault is an economical and easy way to ensure that you have a baseline degree of seed security. You can count on being able to produce a solid acre of vegetables and fruits with just one of these waterproof cans of hermetically sealed seeds.

The seeds are the highest quality non-GMO varieties of carrot, beet, corn, broccoli, watermelon, beans, peas, cantaloupe and a dozen more vegetables. If you are just starting your seed bank and want a solid foundation to build on then this package would be a good choice for ensuring your longterm food supply plan.

2. Heirloom Organics Seed Vault

The Heirloom Organics Seed VaultHeirloom Organics Seed Vault is a great choice for a long term food security plan in a package that extends the life of the seeds by 100%, according to the manufacturer. The package is lightweight and easy to store and reseal.

The 30 kinds of seeds are enough to plant approximately 2 acres of produce. Most importantly, these seeds are not hybrids or genetically modified so new generations of seeds can be harvested from your crops each time around. The over 50,000 seeds vary somewhat based on what is available but will contain fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, beans, cucumber, oats, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash, watermelon, zucchini and many, many more.

3. High Protein Survival Seed Kit

The High Protein Survival Seed KitHigh Protein Survival Seed Kit would make a great addition to an existing seed collection. This selection of top quality non-GMO seeds is meant to ensure that one can provide themselves with enough essential protein to stay healthy. This package might be especially useful for those preppers who do not have other sources of protein in their longterm food supply plan.

These seeds come in Mylar bags which are meant to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. The manufacturer claims that they will remain viable for up to 30 years under these conditions. The seeds are also verified to germinate at a rate of 90% when fresh. There is also an additional Mylar bag included for storage of your future crops.

4. Emergency Survival Seed Kit – 54 Seed Varieties

The Emergency Survival Seed BankEmergency Survival Seed Kit – 54 Seed Varieties is referred to as the “ultimate” prepper seed collection and with good reason. If you are looking for an easy one stop shopping seed solution then you really can’t go wrong with this product. This company boasts almost 100,000 satisfied customers and this package is consistently well received.

It contains over 50 varieties of top quality seeds which will produce crop after crop of vegetables, fruits and viable seed to start growing all over again. The seeds are protected by a resealable plastic jar.

5. Jumbo Emergency Food Survival Seed Variety Pack

The Jumbo Emergency Survival Seed Variety PackJumbo Emergency Food Survival Seed Variety Pack is another very economical and efficient option for ensuring that you have the means to grow adequate food for your family. These seeds are healthy and viable, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds which will produce 1-2 acres of food and the seeds to plant your next crop.

These seeds are much less expensive than those sold at typical gardening supply shops and will be a pleasant surprise to anyone used to dealing with sub-par quality seeds. You can have the best quality at a very low price with this package of over 30,000 seeds.

6. 9500 Heirloom Non GMO Organic Vegetable Seeds

9500 Heirloom Non GMO Organic Vegetable SeedsThis pack of 9500 Heirloom Non GMO Organic Vegetable Seeds has a nice wide variety of great quality heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds which would make a good foundation to any seed collection.

These seeds are reported to be over 85% viable and quality seeds are key to producing sizable and sustainable vegetables and fruits from your garden. A green thumb can also be invaluable and we could all use a little guidance in that department. This package contains instructions for a free PDF download which can guide you through the planting and harvesting process. It contains key information about how to get the most out of your garden and keep it growing strong when you need to get results.

7. Medicinal Herb Garden Seeds Kit

The Medicinal Herb Garden Seeds KitMedicinal Herb Garden Seeds Kit is a different type of seed vault. It is intended to help you create reserves of naturally beneficial herbs which can be utilized and endlessly renewed when more conventional medicines and treatments may not be available.

8. Medicinal Herbal Tea Garden Seeds Kit

The Herbal Tea Garden Seeds KitThe Herbal Tea Garden Seeds Kit is a seed vault for people who are serious about their survival comfort. You may be able to get by without a warm cup of tea in the evening but some would ask, “why would you want to?”

This package would also make a fantastic gift for anyone you know who enjoy tea or gardening. The kit contains anise, lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile and more teas which would certainly be a comfort in a survival situation and a pleasure in any situation.

9. Culinary Herb Garden Seeds

The Culinary Herb Garden SeedsThe Culinary Herb Garden Seeds would be worth its weight in gold in ancient times and it could be invaluable to the morale of survivors in a situation where food variety becomes scarce. People used to travel thousands of miles and risk life and limb just to obtain herbs and spices which would provide them with something extraordinary to eat. This economical kit could be the beginning of an expansive garden of treasured herbs which would provide spice to life and a unique stock of potential bartering items.

10. Salsa Garden Seeds Kit

Who doesn’t like salsa? If you don’t, it might be because you’ve never had the kind of fresh and fragrant salsa which comes from your own tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs which have just been plucked from the plants you grew with the Salsa Garden Seeds KitSalsa Garden Seeds Kit.

There is just something about a homegrown jalapeno that you can’t get from a store and this package contains everything you’ll need to make the most impressive salsa you’ve ever tasted. These veggies are fun as well as sustaining and would make a fantastic gift for a salsa lover as well as a way to ensure that you’ll be producing mouth watering dishes even if there is no access to your local supermarket.

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