The 4 Best Geiger Counters

The 4 Best Geiger Counters

4 Best Geiger CountersEver since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, people have been more aware of the risks associated with accidents at nuclear power plants.

If you have a radiation detector and there is a nuclear emergency close enough to affect you, it will help you to determine what the radiation levels are in your vicinity.  Here are the 4 best geiger counters according to Amazon reviews.

1. Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Geiger Counter
The Best Geiger Counter - Mazur Instruments PRM 8000 Radiation DetectorThe top rated detector on the list is the Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Geiger Counter – Nuclear Radiation Detector .  It uses a US-made Geiger tube that detects beta, gamma, alpha, and x-rays.  Most other models only monitor beta and gamma radiation.  It has an LED screen, beeper, internal data logging, dose rate alarm, and more.  The general consensus of users is that it is worth the price in terms of quality, accuracy, and features.  It’s clear that this is one of the best geiger counters on the market.

Reviews say: “dead-on accurate,” “use is very straightforward,” “cannot say enough good things,” “great product,” “reliable,” “easy to learn,” and “best product on the market.”

2. Radiation Alert INSPECTOR  Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Inspector Radiation DetectorThe Radiation Alert INSPECTOR Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector.  Like the PRM-8000, it detects alpha and beta particles at low levels as well as x-rays and gamma radiation.  It has a counter that flashes red and beeps as the radiation detected increases.

Reviews say: “very well made,” “easy to operate,” “very sensitive,” “solidly built,” and “excellent meter.”

3. Radiation Alert INSPECTORXTREME  Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Inspectorxtreme Geiger CounterNumber three on the list, the Radiation Alert INSPECTORXTREME Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector with Protective Boot, is similar to the INSPECTOR in that it measures alpha and beta radiation as well as x-rays and gamma radiation.  Like the INSPECTOR, it has an alert that lets you know when radiation is increasing to dangerous levels.  It includes a protective rubber case.

Reviews say: “great geiger counter,” “best radiation monitor for the money,” and the “case is a nice add.”

4. Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Radiation Alert Monitor-4 Radiation DetectorNext is Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector. It is less expensive than the top 3 geiger counters.  It features a dual-scale analog counter that displays CPM (counts per minute) and mR (milliRoentgen) per hour.  Like the other models, it features a beeping noise and red flashing alert as the environmental radiation increases.  However, it is not as sensitive as the more expensive models.

Positive comments from reviewers:”great product for the price,”  “very pleased so far,” “reliable,” “satisfied” with purchase, and “high quality product.”  One person commented that the written directions were hard to understand for less experienced users.



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