Best Zombie Comedy Movies

The Best Zombie Comedy Movies

Zombie comedy movies are a fun genre that blend traditional zombie movies with dark and/or slapstick humor.  They are sometimes called zomedies or zom coms.  I’m sure there will be much disagreement over the order these , but here are our picks for the 10 best zombie comedy movies.

1. Shaun of the Dead (2007)

Shaun of the Dead - One of the best zombie comedy moviesFirst on the list of the best zombie comedy movies is the British “romantic zombie comedy” Shaun of the Dead directed by Edgar Wright features a slacker named Shaun, played by Simon Pegg, who is dumped by his girlfriend Liz and, after a drinking spree with his roommate Ed (played by Nick Frost), wakes up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.  The funny part is that, at first, he is hilariously oblivious to the zombies around him and goes about his daily routine as if he is, well, a zombie himself.  Even though the movie is a comedy (and love story), it still takes the zombie genre seriously in many ways and has a lot of great action and some genuinely scary moments.

Reviews say: “gritty dialogue,” “black comedy,” “amazing,” “absolutely inspired,” “legitimately spooky moments,” “so well made,” “hilarious,” “great fun,” “wonderful performances,” “creative,” and “one of my favorites.”

2. Zombieland (2009)

zombielandSecond on our list is Zombieland, a semi-gory road trip zomedy directed by Ruben Fleischer starring Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Jesse Eidenberg.  The clever asides and an unforgettable cameo by comedy legend Bill Murray are what pushes this to the top of the list.

Reviewers on Amazon say it is “pure gold,” “fantastic comedy,” “unexpected surprised,” “a fun trip,” “awesome humor,” “what’s not to love,” “funny as hell,” “great action,” “characters are amazing,” “guns and zombies,” and “zombie killing mayhem.”

3. Dead Alive (1992)

Dead AliveBefore he did Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson made the 1992 zombie comedy, Dead Alive, which has been called one of the goriest films ever made. Outside of North America, it is known as Braindead.  It is much more graphic than the other horror comedies on this list and contains too much violence for some people.  The film centers around Lionel, a guy whose domineering mother turns into a zombie after being bitten by a poisonous rat monkey.

Reviews say: “truly hilarious,” “quite gross,” “emphasizes goo,” “blood and guts,” “incredible zombie flick,” “truly gross,” “one of the best,” and “over-the-top satire.”

4. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

Poultrygeist - Night of the Chicken DeadIf you like your zombie horror to taste like chicken (zombie chickens, that is) you’ll love Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. This movie was directed by Lloyd Kaufman, creator of The Toxic Avenger.  Entertainment Weekly called it “genuine sick fun” and “dementedly foulmouthed.”   The story centers around a fast food chicken restaurant called the American Chicken Bunker that has been constructed on Native American burial ground.  The dead chickens rise from the grave and seek revenge and the resulting campy zomedy is hilarious.  It’s also a great social commentary on the evils of the corporate fast food industry.

Reviews say: “finger-licking masterpiece,” “pure un-PC-ness,” “true grindhouse flick,” “hilarious,” “offensive,” “fun movie to watch,” “prepare to be sick,” “funny as hell,” and “diabolically fun.”

5. Fido (2006)

FidoAndrew Currie directed the Canadian zombie comedy, Fido, which takes place in a 1950s alternate universe in which the dead have been turned into zombies by radiation from space.  There was a resulting war between zombies and humans and humans were the victors.  The zombies are used by humans as servants and the slogan for the movie is “good dead are hard to find.”

Reviews say: “madcap entertainment,” “pure fun,” “wholesome zombie goodness,” “one you’ll wanna own,” “love this movie,” “great idea,” and “an over the edge experience.”

6. Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Dead and BreakfastThe 2004 film Dead and Breakfast centers around six friends headed to a wedding who stop for the night in Lovelock, Texas at a bed and breakfast. When two workers on the property turn up dead in the morning, the group of travelers are counted as suspects.  It turns out the townspeople are possessed by evil spirits which isn’t exactly a classic zombie story, but close enough.

Reviews say: “a jovial romp,” “off-the-wall,” “you will laugh,” “campy, gory, fun,” “loved the dancing zombies,” and “a fun film.”

7. Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the CreepsThe 1986 film Night of the Creeps, directed by Frank Dekker, is considered to be one of the best horror comedies of the 80s.  It is a spoof of 1950s science fiction films and is now a cult classic, even though it bombed at the box office when it was released.  The story centers around to college students who discover a corpse cryogenically frozen from 1959 in the science lab.  They accidentally let the corpse free, not knowing that it contains an alien organism that, once it is let loose, infects the students on campus with an alien zombie virus.

Reviews say: “under appreciated gem,” “satisfying treat,” “this movie rocks,” “highly recommended,” “all time fave,” “awesome 80s movie,” and “delightfully campy.”

8. Aaah! Zombies!!

Aaah! Zombies!!Aaah! Zombies!! is a unique zombie movie done from the point of view of the zombies. The tagline is “Zombies are people, too!” The zombies see themselves as the normal ones and everyone else as the infected ones.

Reviews say: “so over the top,” “surprisingly funny,” “incredibly entertaining,” “glad I watched,” “comical and quirky,” “one of a kind,” “absolutely refreshing,” and “a must see.”

9. Dead Snow

Dead SnowThis list wouldn’t be complete without the Nazi zombie comedy from Norway, Dead Snow. Written and directed by Tommy Wirkola, it follows a group of med students on a ski vacation in the mountains of Norway who encounter Nazi zombies protecting their gold. The end result is gory mayhem and zombified thrills. The move is in Norwegian with English subtitles.

Reviews say: “a fun movie,” “highly recommended,” “fun zombie romp,” “will make you jump,” “campy fun,” “dark humor,” “loved this movie,” and “enjoyed it immensely.”

10. Dance of the Dead (2008)

Dance of the DeadThe final on our list of the best zombie comedy movies is the 2008 zombedy Dance of the Dead was directed by Gregg Bishop and revolves around a zombie attack at a high school prom. The only people who can fight the zombies and save the day are the school outcasts who can’t get dates.

Reviews say: “a fun ride,” “a hoot,” “one of my favorite films,” “a fun little movie,” “full of originality,” “just hilarious,” “a good time,” and “fun and scary.”

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